Original Gangster's Basic Academy of Development is a non-profit youth
services agency.  Our mission is to provide targeted youth who are prone to
gang involvement with alternatives to a gang lifestyle.  We fulfill this mission
through an education program, job skills training and supervised recreational
activities for high risk youth.
Our strategies are consistent with the three-pronged, balanced approach of the
Idaho State Department of Juvenile Corrections.  The balanced approach
emphasizes skill-building, accountability and protection of society.  The strength
of our program, now in its
tenth year of operations, is in providing skill-building
activities while holding youth accountable for continuing their education and
contributing back to the community.  Ultimately, our program helps protect our
community by diverting youth from gang activity.  To successfully address gang
issues in our community requires this comprehensive, balanced approach.          
Our project addresses a critical need in our community through education, job
training and recreational programs.  The Gang Inte
rruption Through Targeted
Outreach (aka “GITTO”) program utilizes three major components to attain its
purpose of gang intervention:                                           
1: Resumption of educational achievement
2: Acquisition of basic job skills
3: The introduction of traditional and non-traditional recreational
and leisure activities.  
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